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Welcome to Our 2016 Season
2016 is Flying H's 12th season, and once again each week throughout the 8 week season, from July 7th through August 27th, begins a new tournament. Teams will be reconfigured each week to give members a chance to play with as many different people as possible. This week to week changing of teams helps to keep the spirit of the polo friendly, however very competitive.

As always, Flying H Polo Club (FHPC) will work hand-in-hand with our next door neighbor, Big Horn Polo Club. BHPC is one of the oldest active clubs in the U.S. Many FHPC players play their young horses at BHPC which strengthens the polo there. A few FHPC members take advantage of BHPC as a place to play with and coach their children.

The Big Horn area has long been a polo pony training area. Horses from nearby ranches have found their way around the world to compete in the best polo for over a 100 years.

Thank you Gil and Skey for another wonderful summer full of great polo and fun!
Click here for the year-end awards and Cowboy & Indians costume party photos...
Left to right: Gil Johnston, Chip Campbell (Skeeter Johnston Sportsman of the Year) and Skey Johnston
Photo by Bobbi Stribling


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